Use the wonderful ACE editor in your Swift Cocoa applications.

ACEView example

For great justice.


Most of the APIs are already properly documented and available through Xcode’s quick documentation, but a proper documentation is coming soon :)


  1. Clone the repo
  2. Run git submodule update --init --recursive (for the dependencies)
  3. Build the framework target
  4. Add it into your Swift project
  5. import ACEViewSwift into your files in order to use it

Note: A pod will be released soon to simplify installation


Make sure you’ve got an IBOutlet in your view controller, and bind that bad girl:

ACEView XIB Binding

Now, you could do something like this:

import Cocoa
import ACEViewSwift

class ViewController: NSViewController {

  @IBOutlet weak var aceView: ACEView!

  override func viewDidLoad() {

      // Some text content
      let html = "..."

      // onReady() is a convenience closure for configuring
      // the ACEView right after it has been finished loading

      aceView.onReady = { [unowned self] in
          self.aceView.string = html
          self.aceView.mode = .HTML
          self.aceView.theme = .Xcode
          self.aceView.keyboardHandler = .Ace
          self.aceView.showPrintMargin = true
          self.aceView.showInvisibles = false
          self.aceView.basicAutoCompletion = true
          self.aceView.liveAutocompletion = true
          self.aceView.snippets = true
          self.aceView.emmet = true



All are welcome, all are read.

Many thanks to Michael Robinson and all the people that developed the original ObjC framework !